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For Groups of 1-2 People:

Lie down & relax w/pillows & blankets to candles, music, essential oils, crystals, ambient light.  Set an intention & your Meditation Guide will create a class specific to your goals.  Topics such as Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Better Thought Control, Improved Seep & Dreams, Energy Cleanse.  Sessions are 60-Minutes. Come by yourself, or with a friend, relative, spouse or co-worker to problem-solve a specific issue you are having together, or by yourself.



Lie down on a massage table, and receive the Universal Healing Powers of Reiki. Along with the comfort of ambient music, sounds of nature, essential oils, crystals & candles, the universal cleansing energies of Reiki will lift your blood cell count & energy levels. Reiki is known for improving sleep, lowering stress levels & stimulating the immune system. Cleanse your chakra system.  Clear your body, head & heart, and receive the ancient powers of Reiki, from a certified Reiki Healer. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.



Everyone's Intuition is different. It comes to us in dreams, premonitions, coincidences, signs from loved one's who have passed-on, childhood memories, nature, music, animals, children or just a "gut feeling".... often times we wished we listened to it more. During an intuitive healing energy session. you will meet with your Certified Intuitive Healer, and learn how to further access the powerful forces of your Intuition, and harness it to activate your natural self-healing powers on an on-going basis in your every day life, through deep meditation.

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