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About Us

About US



Meditation, Yoga  & Energy Healing does not have to be done in the Hills of India or  at a Buddhist Retreat. Larchmont Meditate strives to make it accessible  to everyone, whether you are a newcomer, teen, child or senior and have never tried meditation or the healing arts before.  

With the combination of guided meditation, gentle stretch, breathwork & energy healing, our private sessions & classes help to quiet the mind, but also give the added benefit of helping to clear out the system of unwanted stress & anxiety.  The body holds a lot of pain, tension & illness in its system from thought patterns and emotions, stemming from stress, anxiety, addiction, worry, fear & depression.  Meditation & energy healing can help open blocks within the body, which can help release tension, toxins & open up areas of stored illness & injury.  People often find they get emotional releases from their current circumstances, as well from past held trauma.  Thus finding they sleep & function better and gain better control of their thoughts and emotions on and on-going basis.  Gaining the educational tools of meditation can be the start of a self-healing practice that can be utilized under any circumstances, empowering oneself with further positive life tools and coping mechanisms.

About Our Healing Arts Room


The Larchmont Healing Arts Room is in a very serene holistic private setting, on the upbeat haven of Larchmont Boulevard, 1/2 block North of Beverly.  It is a small room with ambient light, candles, essential oils, meditation chairs, yoga mats, a chiropractic table, music, sounds of nature.  There you can receive private energy healing treatments: Reiki Energy Healing & Intuitive Healing Sessions are available by appointment.  Also Yoga & Private Meditations sessions are available to groups of 1-2 people.  Adults, Teens & Children are welcome. Please call with any questions & exact address & parking information for Healing Arts Room. We are here for newcomers & to answer any of your questions.

About Our Instructor


Hilary  Malloy is a Certified Meditation & Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner & Certified Yoga Instructor. Trained Liberation Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, she focuses mainly on Yoga Healing & Restorative Yoga & Kids/Parent & Me/School Programs, She was also trained at The Den Meditation School of Greater Intuitive Healing,  and Liberate Hollywood in the Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing. She teaches various meditation, breathing techniques and conducts group and private healing sessions at her office on Larchmont & off-site for Adults & Children.  She is also a Reiki Practitioner takes private clients in her Larchmont office for Reiki massage and Reiki healing/meditation sessions.  She is a Four-year Graduate of UCLA, with a major in Religious History.  She was  also a Division 1 Volleyball Player at UCLA.  She attended Marlborough High School for Girls. Her professional career in the Entertainment Industry consisted of: Commercial & Music Video  Producer, Documentary & Feature Film Producer, Saturday Night Live TV Executive, Record Label Manager & Children’s Book Author. She is a  4th-Generation Larchmont Resident and Founder of Larchmont Meditate, as well as maintaining a Real Estate practice in the local residential area.  For the past 10 years, Yoga, Meditation, Healing Arts & Energy Work has served both her business & personal live’s, and she is passionate about spreading it to the community she feels so grateful to have been raised.