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Private Meditation & Yoga are with groups of 1-2 people.  Adults Teens or Children.  Private Sessions are personally tailored, and take place in the Larchmont Healing Room. Sessions can be combined Yoga w/Meditation or just Yoga or just Meditation.  One-On-One guided instruction to ambient music, lights, candles, essential oils, crystals, blankets & cushions. Prior to class you will be asked what your goals & intentions are for the class. 

Our Instructor specializes in Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Healing the Mind & Body.  Meditation is geared toward removing stress & anxiety out of the body and clearing the mind through powerful breathwork and energy work.  

Together you will use the physical tools of the healing room, along with the guided visualization tools of your Instructor, to begin to learn the powerful self-healing powers of Yoga & Meditation. Appointments are with Certified Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide, Hilary Malloy.  



Questions & Appointments:

Call/Text: 323-806-3829

Reiki has been gaining popularity in the traditional medical field over the past years. More and more RN’s are using it on their patients and many studies have been done that show improvement in most medical conditions when Reiki is used along with prescription medicine or other therapies. The website, posts data from cases ranging from the treatment of arthritis to fibromyalgia to migraines to cancer.  Reiki treatments are usually performed on a massage table. The patient lies on the table, fully clothed and the practitioner places their hands on them (or hovering above the patient, depending on the patient's preference), in a specific sequence. Some people feel heat coming from the practitioner’s hands (most common).   A good practitioner also follows their intuition and feels for energy blocks and may hold a position longer or place their hands in a customized sequence.   After a person receives a Reiki healing they usually feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. Among many of the benefits one can receive through a Reiki treatment, some include: reduction of stress, the balance and harmony of the body’s energy, strengthening of the immune system, relief from allergies, arthritis and chronic disorders, promotion of personal awareness, clearing toxins, enhancing meditative states, promoting relaxation, clearing blockages and suppressed emotions, balancing chakras, etc. Reiki is an intelligent energy which goes to the greatest need of the patient.  Appointments are with Certified Reiki Energy Healer, Hilary Malloy.  



Questions & Appointments:

Call/Text: 323-806-3829

The power of self-healing is one of our most powerful gifts. Nature gives it to us for free-- giving us the power to heal ourselves, on an on-going basis. Emotionally, physically, spiritually.  Nature, at the very least, gives us the ability to change our perspective on things, if we are unable to change the reality of it. However we do not always know how to access these self-given powers. Our Intuition is our guide to our self-healing powers. When we are not in touch with it, we often get physically, emotionally or spiritually ill.  A lot of stored sickness in our bodies comes from not following our instincts, and thus the body gets off-course and become less of the self-healing machine that it innately is. With a certified Intuitive Healer you will go through a private consultation to assess the direction your energy is currently taking you. Doing guided visualization, and meditation, the goal is replenish your system with new energy, so that your intuitive nature becomes more active. Following that, you are taught tools to hone that energy, and use it in your every day life, going forward. Through the use of energy tools, visualization, sound, and Intuitive Coaching, this is a proven system, that helps to heal the past, by awakening new creative life forces within. Appointments are with Certified Intuitive Healer & Reader, Hilary Malloy.